Guzzo & Garner Custom Builders, LLC, was formed in 2015 to formalize the relationship of two respected New Albany custom homebuilders, Ron Guzzo and Joe Garner. Ron and Joe have worked together on and off for over 25 years until 2012 when they started working together full-time. Guzzo & Garner is the successor of Ron Guzzo Custom Homes.

Ronald A. Guzzo, Owner

Ron is a life-long resident of the Columbus area. He is a graduate of St. Francis De Sales High School and The Ohio State University. Ron holds the distinction of being the first registered builder New Albany Community Development Department. With over 26 years of custom home building and renovation experience Ron is a well-known and highly respected in New Albany. Ron built his first custom home in New Albany in 1993 and served on the New Albany Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and Long Range Planning Committee, responsible for the planning of Market Street. He was also appointed to the Columbus Property Review Board.

In addition to custom home building and renovations Ron is a noted realtor that is very active in New Albany and surrounding areas.

Joey A. Garner, Owner

Joe is also a life-long resident of the Columbus area, growing up in Grove City. He has been active in many areas of custom home construction in New Albany and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Joe is a well-known framer and builder that has worked with the leading custom homebuilders in New Albany. He has framed over 75 custom homes in New Albany alone. Joe is also respected for his ability to solve tough renovation problems.